About me


A Swimwear/Underwear Lifestyle Brand Handmade in the UK.

Eco print, great design and great fit x


Growing up I was always creative and had a love for all things fashion, but life kind of put my fashion plans on the back burner! 

Suddenly in 2005 I had this 'lightening moment' where I said to myself it’s now or never! I knew I wanted to study fashion but I also knew I wanted to study something a little different. That is why I got my portfolio together and applied to study Contour Fashion Design at DMU in Leicester, as you say the rest is history. Since 2016 I have designed under my label, 1st Man 1st Woman and have taken great pleasure in following my love of swimwear and men's garments. "I wanted to create swimwear garments that I would love to wear myself and menswear that i knew were both quality, design and fit". I create garments that are made by sourcing the best fabrics and trims and are sewn by amazing British Ateliers. Made with a keen eye for attention to detail my garments are constructed to combine, quality, design and fit without compromising on comfort!